September 13, 2013

Pizzeria Libretto

After getting a small taste of Pizzeria Libretto during the Taste of Danforth, it was just a matter of time before I head back to try their full menu. On a side note, libretto means to fold as told by the person that worked here. Meaning, you fold and eat =)

Delicious warm bread with an olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dip. I could just eat this for dinner. Honestly.

I was really contemplating if we should order two pizzas or not. Since we are not big eaters, we decided on two appetizer and one pizza which was more than enough and had a slice leftover.

The first appetizer is Ricotta Gnocchi Fritti (house-made crema fresca, lemon, chives, rosemary) $7. The gnocchi was perfectly browned on the outside and the inside had a chewy texture. However, I found it to be quite bland. More salt and seasoning would of enhanced the dish.

The next appetizer was Buttermilk Fried Calamari (red pepper, almond romesco sauce, Libretto herb oil) $12. No complain about this dish but nothing wroth writing about either. I like the romesco sauce, provided a sweet taste to the calamari.

Now finally, the star of the show, Duck Confit (bosc pear, mozzarella ) $17. This was a wonderful pizza. The sweetness of the pear and the saltiness of the duck provided a good balance. The oven thin crust was nothing to complain about. However, I did find the pizza a little heavy. Maybe I'm used to the typical tomato sauce based pizza. I was definitely not able to have more than one slice (I was already full by the time the pizza came). It was good, but it was heavy.

I will return again but will order the plain and simple tomato, basil and mozzarella pizza.

Final Verdict: Above Par

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