April 26, 2013


Unlike most Asians, I'm not overly crazy about Japanese food. A raw piece was fish over a bed of rice just doesn't entice me all that much. That is probably due to the fair amount of AYCE sushi I had in the past 10 years. I completely stopped eating AYCE in the last 2-3years. I had decent fresh sushi and sashimi from Le Cafe Michi and Aoyama but it did not bring me back on the Japanese food craze. JaBistro has been highly talked about and highly recommended by various food blogs I have read.

I'm usually not a fan of smoked salmon but this in house smoked salmon was a surprisingly nice start to the meal. The salmon was fresh and the smoked flavour wasn't overpowering in your pallet. The dressing for the salad was light and just coarsely drizzled. - smoked salmon salad 14

I was not able to taste every piece of the torched sushi platter, but every single piece I had was DELICIOUS. The fishes were fresh and the taste was exquisite. No soy sauce or wasabi were needed. Each piece of sushi is packed with flavour. These aburi sushi melts in your mouth in one bite where all the flavour and texture blends beautifully together. I'm not going to try to explain the texture and taste, you will just have to try it out yourself. - aburi 27

This was my least favorite dish of the night. It was a lightly battered chicken with a mayonnaise tartar sauce. The chicken was not crispy because it was plated on top of some broth. It paired well with the julienned cabbage as it provided a good texture in contrast to the "soggy" chicken. It was good but I would not order again and I would not recommend it.  - tori nanban 16

The shrimp toast that accompanied the seared cod was incredibly crisp. It tasted familiar yet I was not able to recall what it reminded me of. The cod was seared to perfection. The first bite literally melted in my mouth and had a buttery smooth texture. It was the best cod I ever had. It was seasoned just right without overpowering the taste of the cod. Perfectly executed, highly recommend this dish. - gindara 22

Now on to the famous JaBistroll that everyone is talking about. Nevertheless, this roll lived up to its hype. It was nothing I had before. The rice and all the ingredients in the roll blended beautifully together. It was a full bite of flavour and it just worked together. You taste all the ingredients yet it's all unified. There were salmon, uni, snow crab, fish roe with refreshing cucumber to balance everything out. No soy sauce is required here. Must try. I have to say, if you ate at JaBistro, you are probably not able to have sushi elsewhere. - JaBistroll 22

The sakura puff for dessert was average. Couldn't taste the sakura, maybe it was the pink foamy thingy on the side. Not sure. The green tea ice cream tasted store bought. I do not expect them to make it in house anyways. On the menu it said it's red bean custard cream? It's just whipped cream to me. Maybe they forgot the red bean part. Hahaha - sakura puff 10

I say skip ordering dessert as you do get a complimentary rosemary truffle =)

Can't wait to go back again!

Final Verdict: Above Par

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April 15, 2013


The whole purpose of me visiting NAMI is to have sukiyaki. NAMI is probably known for its fresh sushi and sashimi but I only wanted to have sukiyaki. I was first introduced to sukiyaki in Taiwan back in 2009 at Mo-Mo-Paradise specializing in AYCE hotpot. It was probably not authentic but it tasted really good. Sukiyaki is basically thinly sliced beef cooked with a sweet soy sauce. In other words, it's Chinese hotpot, Japanese style. If I ever craved for sukiyaki, I would usually go to Ematei. I discovered that NAMI also offers the same at a slightly more expensive price of $33/per person, whereas Ematei is priced at $60 (enough for 2 people or 3 girls, hahaha). Nonetheless, I wanted to give it a try.

 All the delicious ingredients being cooked in the sweet soy sauce. Taste wise, they taste the same but ingredient wise, there is a ever so slight difference with Ematei. NAMI provided udon noodles and Ematei provided yam noodles. It comes with a raw egg where you dip your beef that will give it a very tender texture.

Service was excellent as the server was informative and provided attentive service with privacy. However, it didn't seem like the server did not know to the assemble the raw ingredients on the hot pan. Ematei does a better job in that area. In end, it was a delicious meal. If I was craving for sukiyaki, I think I would go back to Ematei since it's cheaper and the service for the sukiyaki was better.

Black sesame icecream with a sesame crisp for dessert. A nice end to the meal. 

Final Verdict: Slightly Above Par

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April 5, 2013

SongCook's Authentic Korean Restaurant

After a couple of my travel posts, let's bring things back home so you can actually go and have the food featured on my blog. After coming back from Korea, I was obviously craving for Korean food. I read about SongCook's on a couple of blogs but was hesitant to try it out early due to location. It's inconvenient for me but may be convenient for others. I did my research and made a list of the things I wanted to order.

Arrived early because I hate waiting and I was really hungry around 5pm already. You get a choice of being seated in the heated floor section or the tables. I opted for the seated floors because it reminds me of the times in Korea. It was nice and clean and very spacious. As most bloggers have mentions, the servers here speak fluent English =)

Here are the banchans, nothing too crazy. The jap chae was bland and the kimchi was okay. I liked the green bean jelly aka nokdumuk in Korean aka liangfen (涼粉) in Chinese. It was the first time I seen that in a Korean restaurant. The raw egg is for the seafood soon dubu later.

Got the jajang combo as many has recommended. The jajangmyun was fairly tasty. The noodles had a nice bite without being too soft.
JaJang combo w/ TangSu Yuk 13.00

Many reviews had suggested to pass on the tangsu yuk but I never listen and I want to try it since it seems like it's one of their best dishes. AND... I should of listened. It wasn't that good and pork was dry in the middle with a very strong sour taste.
TangSu Yuk
Now, the kalbijim was a must order recommended by everyone and it was really delicious. The beef rib was off the bone tender and had a really good flavour. It tasted very Chinese to me and so much Korean.  Perhaps more sweet than your average Chinese dish.

KalBiJim (s) 12
The seafood soon dubu wasn't worth anything to write about. It was very average. The rice came at an additional cost of 2.50 I believe which you can pick betweem brown rice and many other varieties. I definitely prefer my soon dubu at Tofu House in First Markham Place.
Haemul Soon Tofu (s) 7

complimentary dessert - not sure what it was but it tasted good

Overall, I liked SongCook's and would come back for the jajangmyun and try their tabletop cooking next time.

Final Verdict: Slightly Above Par

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