April 26, 2013


Unlike most Asians, I'm not overly crazy about Japanese food. A raw piece was fish over a bed of rice just doesn't entice me all that much. That is probably due to the fair amount of AYCE sushi I had in the past 10 years. I completely stopped eating AYCE in the last 2-3years. I had decent fresh sushi and sashimi from Le Cafe Michi and Aoyama but it did not bring me back on the Japanese food craze. JaBistro has been highly talked about and highly recommended by various food blogs I have read.

I'm usually not a fan of smoked salmon but this in house smoked salmon was a surprisingly nice start to the meal. The salmon was fresh and the smoked flavour wasn't overpowering in your pallet. The dressing for the salad was light and just coarsely drizzled. - smoked salmon salad 14

I was not able to taste every piece of the torched sushi platter, but every single piece I had was DELICIOUS. The fishes were fresh and the taste was exquisite. No soy sauce or wasabi were needed. Each piece of sushi is packed with flavour. These aburi sushi melts in your mouth in one bite where all the flavour and texture blends beautifully together. I'm not going to try to explain the texture and taste, you will just have to try it out yourself. - aburi 27

This was my least favorite dish of the night. It was a lightly battered chicken with a mayonnaise tartar sauce. The chicken was not crispy because it was plated on top of some broth. It paired well with the julienned cabbage as it provided a good texture in contrast to the "soggy" chicken. It was good but I would not order again and I would not recommend it.  - tori nanban 16

The shrimp toast that accompanied the seared cod was incredibly crisp. It tasted familiar yet I was not able to recall what it reminded me of. The cod was seared to perfection. The first bite literally melted in my mouth and had a buttery smooth texture. It was the best cod I ever had. It was seasoned just right without overpowering the taste of the cod. Perfectly executed, highly recommend this dish. - gindara 22

Now on to the famous JaBistroll that everyone is talking about. Nevertheless, this roll lived up to its hype. It was nothing I had before. The rice and all the ingredients in the roll blended beautifully together. It was a full bite of flavour and it just worked together. You taste all the ingredients yet it's all unified. There were salmon, uni, snow crab, fish roe with refreshing cucumber to balance everything out. No soy sauce is required here. Must try. I have to say, if you ate at JaBistro, you are probably not able to have sushi elsewhere. - JaBistroll 22

The sakura puff for dessert was average. Couldn't taste the sakura, maybe it was the pink foamy thingy on the side. Not sure. The green tea ice cream tasted store bought. I do not expect them to make it in house anyways. On the menu it said it's red bean custard cream? It's just whipped cream to me. Maybe they forgot the red bean part. Hahaha - sakura puff 10

I say skip ordering dessert as you do get a complimentary rosemary truffle =)

Can't wait to go back again!

Final Verdict: Above Par

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  1. I've been pretty hesitant to try this place. So much praise, but the food is so modern, and feels like it's catering to a trendy crowd. The fact that they wowed you is making me reconsider.

    I didn't know that the JaBistRoll was their signature dish -- I'll make sure to try that, along with the requisite aburi sushi plate.

    Rosemary Truffle? as in, rosemary herbs, with chocolate? that sounds so bizarre .. but I'll leave it up to the Japanese to come up with crazy combinations that work.

    Thanks for the write-up and photos!

    1. Definitely try it! Love to hear what you think of it!

    2. Rosemary as in the herb, really. You can really taste the rosemary.

  2. Go for it Ken. It's a nice cosy place for a fusion take on Japanese food. For example, their salmon roll is a blowtorched salmon oshizushi with jalapeno pepper for contrast. (Fourth piece from the right in the sushi platter picture actually.) I thought it went together really well and was blown away the first time I had it. Their blowtorched shrimp sushi is surprisingly good too, much, much better than expected. :)

    I don't recommend any of the cooked items though. Nothing on that side of the menu. Stick with their jazzed-up sushi! I did find whatever reduction they were using on the sushi to be a bit too sweet.

    JL: if you liked their sushi, you might want to try their prix fixe the next time you go back. You pretty much get a sample of every sushi they offered, a small selection of sashimi and a shared dish of gindara (plus dessert).

    1. I originally wanted to get that but they didn't have the JaBistroll. I do plan to go back again and will get the pix fixe menu. Saw other ppl ordering the sashimi platter, that looks amazing too!

    2. We had a Jabistroll in our prix fixe actually. We got a sample of all their rolls, just not all their sushi.

      We were thinking of doing prix fixe + $50 platter but that much fish seemed a bit of an overkill and I wanted to try more of their cooked menu. We regretted that. Having now myself tried, a friend try or watch the table beside me try almost every cooked item on the menu, I can only recommend the smoked duck breast salad and only if you really like duck and onsen tomago. If you need to top-up, stick with the platter or more rolls. Remember to take photos :)

  3. I still haven't gone to this place but it's on my list of places to try!