May 13, 2013

Korea - Palsaek Samgyeopsal (8 Flavour Pork Belly BBQ)

As you can tell by the entrance, this restaurant has received a lot of media coverage for its famous 8 different flavours of pork belly.
Each table is setup like the below minus the meat where it was brought out upon ordering.

These are the condiments to go along with your pork belly. They offered three types of leaves for you to wrap your pork belly with. Perilla leaf, romaine lettuce and ???
Complimentary seafood tofu soup. Looks like it's not spicy right? No, once it starts boiling... it's get red and very spicy. It's a light but spicy seafood tofu soup.
The server will help you cook all the pork belly. All you need to do is eat.
My favorite flavour out of the 8 was the hot one. The hot flavour wasn't spicy at all, it was sweet and that's why I liked it. The second best one I liked was herb. It was something I never really tasted before. Overall, everything was alright, nothing really stood out. You definitely cannot eat the pork belly alone, or else you will get sick of it quickly. Having it wrapped with lettuce makes it not as heavy. Honestly, this was more gimmicky than anything else. The cost was 30,000WON enough to feed 2ppl which is less than $15CDN per person. Still worth a try when you are in Korea.


  1. I'm so jealous of all the pork belly you got to eat. If I ever go to Korea, I have to find this place!

  2. that actually seems like a reasonable price. it looks like it was a LOT of pork belly. most pork belly skewers in toronto are around $1.50~2.00 each, comparatively.

    for a second there, I thought that maybe you'd finally developed a penchant for spice & heat -- until you mentioned that it wasn't spicy at all. i had such high hopes.

    thanks for the pics and write-up! i wonder if a meat eater would have found the place more heavenly?

    1. My spicy tolerance did go up!!! I made my own dukbokki and that was pretty spicy! hahahah
      The pork belly is actually just one BIG slice, so u get eight slices.