March 1, 2013

Shake Shack - New York, Times Square

I went to New York City for a few days. A good time to go (financially) is February. The prices are pretty cheap since the weather isn't that great. $350 covered a round-trip flight from Buffalo to JFK, plus hotel stay for three nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

I tried a lot though, so I'll write quick reviews on each.

Shack Burger x 2, Strawberry Shake x 2, Cheese Fries

Shake Shack was the first destination on my list. It's a small chain with several locations across the US. I wasn't sure why they were so popular, but my trip buddy and a few coworkers of mine recommended this place. That's enough reason to try it, right?

At this location, the line for ordering food starts outside the restaurant. If you enter the seating area from one door, you'll have to leave from another exit close to the cashier and enter the line from outside. After you place your order, you're given a beeper of sorts that lights up when your order is ready.

We both got the Shack Burger, strawberry shakes, and split an order of cheese fries. It filled the try (as pictured above), but it honestly didn't look like much. But the shakes were more like food than drinks, so it was actually very filling.

the menu

First, the burgers: Wow. They were tiny for $4.60, but they were delicious. The meat was nice and juicy. They used a whole slice of lettuce, which made the burger look even smaller, but it's nicer than dealing with the shredded lettuce mess that is oh-so-common with fast food restaurants. I wouldn't exactly call this fast food though since it took a while for the food to be prepared. 

The cheese fries were all right. Nothing spectacular, but good as a side. There weren't too many to split, but in conjunction with the burgers and shakes, it was enough.

You can't see the shake, but you can see the size of the cup. It's a small cup. The strawberry shake was thick, like drinking ice cream, so even though it was small, it was more than enough. It tasted how one would expect a strawberry shake to taste. Again, nothing outstanding, but good if you feel like having a drinkable dessert.

Overall, it was a pretty good experience.

Rating: ½ 
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  1. Thank you very much for this review and I look forward to reading the rest of them. I am planning a trip to NYC soon so would love to know the best food places to check out!

    atm the only place I am fairly certain I will check out is Peter Luger for their porterhouse steak :)

    1. Thanks for reading Joan! There were a lot of places I wanted to check out, but with limited time and daily food consumption capacity, I couldn't even hit up a tenth of the ones on my list.

      Peter Luger has some pretty solid reviews, so I hope you'll enjoy it when you get there :).

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