March 9, 2013

Takumi Taco @ Brooklyn Flea - NYC

Takumi Taco was my second eat during my Brooklyn Flea adventure.

Takumi Taco's menu

Takumi Taco has locations at various flea markets in the NYC area, as well as food trucks. Their tacos are at least $5, so when I ordered, I figured they'd give me two.

Japanese Curry Beef Taco

But nope! It's just one. One expensive taco, embellished with some kind of corn chips. Fritos maybe?

The corn chips were completely unnecessary. Are they trying to make this look like fries? Make it look like I'm getting more value for my $5? It didn't do much for me.

But the taco was good! It had a nice, crispy, hard shell with curry beef and some other toppings. The curry beef was very savoury and hot. It dripped over the corn chips and made the corn chips better to eat.

But still, at $5, this was kind of a rip off. It was a small (though delicious) portion, but that worked out fine for me since I wanted to try more.


It lost points for it's high price and trying to get away with it by adding corn chips. It could get away with the price if it were in a swanky location, but at a flea market? No.

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