March 4, 2013

Joe's Shanghai - NYC

This place is pretty famous in NYC. When we arrived, we were seated at a communal table with three other small groups. A pair of them seemed French and had a tour guide book with them, so I guess this was one of their spots.

Joe's Shanghai has a lot of your typical Chinese Food items, but they're known for their dumplings. 8 pieces for $5, and each piece has soup in them. They come out hot.

Pork Dumplings

After trying a few... I really wonder why they're so popular. It's honestly nothing great. Just another Chinese restaurant as far as I'm concerned, preparing typical Chinese food. 

Service is terrible too. As soon as we sat down, one of the waiters expected that we knew what we were getting before we even opened the menu. We just opted for the dumplings only since we weren't that hungry and he was rushing us, and he looked kinda pissed. We were seated in an area that was kind of a tight space. There was another girl seated directly behind me, and it happened to be an aisle where the waiters kept walking through, so my chair was constantly being hit.

I guess if you've never had regular Chinese dumplings before, you can try this place out. But if you have had real Chinese food before, this place isn't anything special. 


Maybe their regular menu items are good, but I'll never know. I don't have any intention to return.
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