March 6, 2013

Takahachi Bakery - NYC


This place is close to one of the other DoubleTree hotels in Manhatten - the one in the financial district. I looked up a bakery in the area while planning my trip, found this, and decided I wanted to try it.

I bought three things: Green Tea Macaron, Black Sesame Macaron, and Green Tea Crepe. 

Green Tea (Matcha) and Black Sesame Macarons. The green one is green tea. The black one is black sesame. 
*Captain Obvious, Fly Away!*

These tasted exactly the way they sounded. No surprises. If you like green tea or black sesame flavours, you'll like these.

Matcha (Green Tea) Crepe

This tasted the way you'd think it'd taste. I think there was a red bean cream in between, but I'm not sure since I don't eat crepes or red bean often (so this was a pretty useless description, huh?).

They have some pretty typical looking Asian buns here too, topped with matcha powder. My friend got some of those and said it was good.

Not too bad of a place to pick up some desserts or breakfast items. It's across the street from a Dunkin Donuts and a Starbucks, so you're within proximity of free wifi.


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