September 19, 2012

The Fish Store & Sandwiches

Remember back in the day, when most places sold good food? Of course, there are some places where you can still find great food. But within recent years, I’ve found myself disappointed with the food I buy. Using fresh ingredients to prepare food seems like the logical thing to do. Yet, it is hard to come by in restaurants nowadays.

In today’s modern world, time is money. The only concern for people living an on-the-go lifestyle is how fast they can get their food and consume it hassle free with the least amount of time. Therefore we have so many fast-food restaurants around the globe. People nowadays don’t seem to care about what they put in their mouth. They focus more on quantity rather than quality.

I always believe that less is more. When it comes to food, I love cuisines that celebrate simplicity. In a time where processed frozen foods are the norm, simple recipes with fresh ingredients are much appreciated.

Good food to me is all about the ingredients. They have to be fresh. With fresh ingredients you don’t have to do anything too complicated with them, just keep it simple and it will deliver beautiful fresh flavor on the palate.

The fish store is a small neighborhood fish store located in little Italy that makes a simple but delicious sandwich using fresh ingredients. Just like its name suggests, the décor of the restaurants makes me feel like I am at a food stand inside a fish market eating the catch of the day. 


Sandwiches are made from ultra-fresh fish housed in an iced-display case. The fish store offers 15 types of fresh fish sandwiches. Customers can choose from wild salmon, scallop, shrimp, halibut fillets and black cod, etc.

On my most recent visit I opted for the salmon. Three tender strips of vibrant sunset colored salmon was slathered in garlic chili pesto grilled fresh to order in only a matter of minutes. They were then wedged inside a soft Portuguese bun and garnished with tomato, romaine lettuce and red onion.

What I loved most about this sandwich was the summery citrus rush I tasted with every morsel. The hint of lemon perfectly complemented the rich meat of the salmon. The fish was extremely fresh and it was seasoned perfectly. The simplicity of the dish is simply remarkable. It is obvious that the ingredients are all fresh and served with pride.

Please note that it can take up to 10 minutes during the lunch rush to get a sandwich. But we have to learn to be patient for good food. I really appreciate the effort they put in cooking their food made to order. 

Décor - 7
Atmosphere - 8
Service - 8
Food – 8
Overall – 8

The Fish Store & Sandwiches 
657 College St. 
Toronto, ON M6G 1B7
(416) 533-2822

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