November 1, 2012

Wedding: Paramount Conference and Event Venue

Attended my first non-relative wedding at Paramount and it was my honored to be the newlywed's GM for that day. Although there was a lot of running around that day before the actual reception, I was able to sit down and enjoy the dinner. I missed the cocktail reception so I am not able to comment on that. From what I heard, the food was good. I saw lamb skewers, chicken sticks and etc. 

A very basic salad, nothing interesting to write about aside from the presentation. First time seeing it served like this.
salad with balsamic vinaigrette
My only complain about this soup was that it wasn't hot enough. However, this was a wedding reception for 140 ppl and the food was delivered from downstairs, it is understandable. Otherwise, it was good.
lobster bisque soup
I preferred the ravioli over the penne. The ravioli had more flavour and all pasta was cooked to al dente which was good. Decent pastas.
marinara penne and alfredo ravioli 
The main course was my least favorite. I prefer the salmon over the steak. The steak was too tough for me. The sauce for the salmon was a little too sour but the salmon was fresh and tender.
steak and salmon
Out of the three dessert selection, the chocolate covered strawberries was my favorite. The creme brulee was too egg-y. The topping in the cheesecake was weird.
creme brulee, chocolate covered strawberry, and cheesecake
the wedding cake
Wedding receptions are known to have bad food due to the capacity of people it needs to be served at once. Overall, this was a good/decent wedding reception. None of the food was bad, everything was at least at par.


  1. Looks like the caterer you chose did an excellent job with the food preparation. I love the design and plating of each course. The sweets station is well arranged. They all looked undeniably delicious. I particularly love the tenderloin; in fact, it looked so good my mouth is now craving for it! And the cake looks very elegant. What a perfect wedding you had!

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