November 25, 2012

RAIJIN ramen (Toronto)

Okay... I know... I been posting way too many ramen posts, but I promise this is the last one because I have officially been to all of them =)

RAIJIN definitely did not get the press of Sansotei or Santouka. I only figured that this place was opened through reviews on Yelp. The news regarding this ramen joint dated back months ago. No official website is available, all information are found on Yelp. From previous news article I read, RAIJIN is from Vancouver. I arrived at location around 5:25pm and was told they open at 5:30pm and to wait outside. They are very persistent on this 5:30 opening time. It's fine that you open at 5:30 but if your door was open and you even greeted us, is it too much to sit us down while we wait the 5mins?

Spacious interior with more seating along the kitchen bar. Most comfortable seating of all ramen places. 
 Ordered the below ramen with less salt which I regret. I found the broth to be a little bland. The noodles had a good springiness. The black dots you see are house-made black oil which I'm not sure what they are exactly. Flavor wise, I wasn't able to taste anything special The "pork shoulder butt" was tough and lacked in flavor. It was too lean in my opinion. First time seeing cabbage and canola flower as toppings. They were just blanched vegetables. I like the egg, the most flavorful topping. All in all, it was an average bowl of ramen. Nothing particularly stood out for me.
Tonkotsu Shio Ramen
There are currently NO LINEUP as the words have yet to spread. RAIJIN ramen provides attentive service and decent ramen. Would I return? Probably not.

Please see below for my ramen ranking in Toronto.

1. Sansotei
2. Santouka
3. Raijin
4. Kenzo
5. Kinton

Final Verdict: Par

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  1. This Tonkotsu shio ramen definitely look less appealing Sansotei's. Still I'm going to give this place a try, perhaps Tonkotsu spicy miso ramen with extra salt and request for tender and slightly fat pork shoulder.

    So nice of you to assemble a ramen ranking for our viewers and thanks for being an awesome ramen critic! ^^