November 28, 2012

Nota Bene

Nota Bene has been around for a long time and no matter how many reviews I have read, I always thought it was a Japanese restaurant. You know what that means? First impressions has a long lasting impact. I had the honor of dining at this restaurant for my birthday, thanks Ah Gor. We arrived an hour early of our reservation, they were accommodating and seated us immediately. Complimentary coat check is available, which is a plus during the winter times.

I really enjoyed this appetizer. The deep fried taro chips paired well with the tuna tartare by adding additional texture to the bite. Since the tuna tartare itself did not have any flavor, the citrus soya provided just the right amount of saltiness. I found the avocado to be over-powering in the dish and took the shine of the tuna. In the end, everything did go well together.
 The lobster salad was order by my friend, and I had a try of the lobster and it was fresh. However, I found the mayonnaise dressing to be uncomplimentary to the dish. I would of preferred it with a light/citrus-y dressing.
The scallops were fresh and perfectly seared. They were topped with a thin slice of salami. The scallops were wonderfully done, no complains here. The big blob which I thought were mash potatoes turned out to be a crab meat puree or something. In the end, it tasted like crab cakes in mash potato form. The broccoli rabe was good and tasted very Asian, like something my dad would make at home. Overall, I enjoyed the scallops, however, I found that the crab cake mash did not compliment the dish at all.
My friend ordered the 8/OZ GRASS-FED BEEF TENDERLOIN which I did not take a picture of because it was literally a piece of meat on a white plate.

We decided to skip dessert as nothing on the menu seemed appealing to me and we were quiet full.

Final Verdict: Par

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    The crabcake puree sounds like an interesting idea .. almost like unfried crabcake .. on the plus side, at least it's healthier than you than the deepfried version? :)
    Pretty rare to see taro on a non-asian menu .. and shocking to see that avocado overpowering a dish, but I guess tuna is a very delicate flavour.

    1. Thank you! The taro chips was like the ones you can buy from the snack aisle in your Asian supermarket. I'm not complaining since I love taro =)

  2. They used to have a rabbit meat pasta that was executed very well and priced affordably. Looking at the menu now, I'm not sure if anything is worthwhile if you were paying for yourself.