November 19, 2012


Hmm... I have a mixed review about this place.

I came here with a group buy coupon. Unfortunately, the owner spent half an hour trying to figure out if I've used the group buy coupon before. Someone crossed out my coupon code wrongfully, so the owner spent a while searching through her coupons to see if I had used it before.

After clearing that up though, the rest was fine. This is a small family restaurant and the owners do not speak English very well, so I'd recommend bringing a friend fluent in Korean here. Or come visit without anything that could be a potential hassle (like don't bring a group buy coupon if that'll cause trouble).

My friends and I ordered a few things here. Pork bone soup, Galbi (Korean short ribs), and some kind of spicy thing. I don't remember what she ordered actually, and she can't seem to remember the name either. Forgot to take a pic of the ribs, but I have pics of the other two below. Also ordered Korean pancake and grilled squid. Interestingly enough, they didn't serve the appetizers first. The pancake came after two of the three mains were served, and the squid came after everything else was served.

I'm kind of sad I didn't take a pic of the Galbi, because in my opinion, that was the best dish of the bunch. But maybe I just really like my meat. Very savory. Delicious choice.

<insert delicious looking galbi photo here>

My friend likes to judge Korean restaurants based on how well they make pork bone soup (gamjatang). She liked her dish. I sampled some of the meat, and though the flavor paled in comparison to the Galbi (which was really good!), the meat was nice and tender.

I didn't get to try the spicy-looking bowl pictured below (which I think might be Dwenjang Jigae, which is pork/seafood with veggies and tofu stewed in soy bean paste), but apparently it was disappointing since there was next to no meat in the dish. The soup is supposedly good though.

The pancake wasn't anything outstanding. It had some veggies tossed in between, and there was some kind of sauce included. Not much to talk about here, but it's worth mentioning that this is the appetizer pancake. There's a main course version with seafood mixed into the pancake, but we got this on the side instead.

The grilled squid was quite delicious. They thought they didn't have any more left, but after double checking with the kitchen, they confirmed it was available. The squid is drenched in sauce, but it's not overwhelming (since the squid doesn't absorb the sauce or anything).

So the food can vary depending on what you order and your tastes, but it's still good overall. Don't expect excellent service though. Well, maybe you can if you speak Korean.

Side note: they have free wifi here. I saw several people on computers while eating. It was kind of surprising.

Rating: . I'd come back for the Galbi.

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  1. That's a great photo of the Galbi. Wonderful use of depth-of-field, you can really see the caramelization of the meat.

  2. Seems all three of you are very critical food critics! I'm happy to follow your blog to know the best tasting places that I can go.