August 5, 2013

La Carnita

La Carnita is not news for the foodies out there. I finally made my way there to try it out after a coworker highly recommended it. It's very easy to miss because they don't have a large sign. You will only see the signature skull logo if coming from the east... or west... I can't tell directions =P The server told us the wait would be an hour but we were seated after 30mins =)

Ordered a mango Mexican soda to cool down on a hot summery day. Yummy~

Then we ordered the Mango Avocado Salad and it was light and delicious. The type of mango salad I'm used to is the Thai version where the mango are still "crunchy". This salad used very ripe mangoes and avocados. The avocado and the mango paired well and I really liked it. I would try to replicate this salad at home.

Next up is the Mexican Street Corn that almost every table ordered. The first time I had Mexican corn was in Cafe Habana in NYC and that one was extremely cheesy. The entire corn was loaded with cojita cheese. This corn was delicious. The chili powder wasn't too spicy that I was unable to enjoy the corn. The corn tasted creamy and sweet. (Ever since having this corn, I constant craved for it, thus I googled and replicated the corn myself at home, and it was equally as good)

By the time I finished the corn, I was actually already full. Ordered 4 tacos to share amongst 2 people.

Ordered the Shrimp Taco off the daily special menu. Perfectly deep fried shrimp on top of a crispy tortilla. This ended up being the favorite of the night.

Next is the Beef Cheek. I had one bite and it tasted pretty decent, reminds of pull pork sandwich. The beef was well seasoned.

After shrimp and beef, it's only fair to have some chicken. This is the Pollo Frito which is simply means fried chicken. The chicken was well seasoned and it was good.

It's tradition to saved the best for last. Here we have In Cod We Trust which is a cod fish taco. This taco was highly recommended on all the reviews I read. But I have to say, it was a nightmare for me to eat this. NO ONE warned me that it was EXTREMELY spicy, and I mean EXTREMELY. The fish was perfectly fried but the spicy sauce killed it for me. I was not able to enjoy this what could of been the best fish taco... =( My mouth was on fire! Word of advice for those who don't eat spicy food, DO NOT order this. You will thank me.

All in all, I would certainly come back for the avocado mango salad, Mexican corn and the shrimp taco. However, the salad and the corn can be easily replicated at home...

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