July 14, 2013

Magnum Pleasure Store - Customize Your Own Ice Cream Bar

The Magnum Pleasure Store is a pop store serving up Magnum ice cream bar to your liking. For $6 including tax, you can pick between chocolate or vanilla bar with your choice of white, milk or dark chocolate coating. There are 21 toppings to pick from, the “pleasure maker” (that’s what they are called, it says on the back of their shirt) suggest 3 but there are no limit.

You will be handed a “menu” upon entering the store explaining how the process works. You line up and a “pleasure maker” will assist you. 

You pick your topping and they will sprinkle your toppings on after the ice cream bar is dipped. The service was excellent; they won’t rush you even with the long line up. I was very indecisive with my toppings and the “pleasure maker” said “take your time, there’s no rush.”

I got vanilla bar with milk chocolate coating, topped with culinary rose pedals, chocolate rice krispies, bacon bites, and dried strawberries on top with white chocolate drizzle. YUM~ Remember to ask for “gold touch” where they will sprinkle edible gold pieces on your creation. FANCY! Hahaha For the girls, you also get a gold nail polish, Magnum Gold?! by nails inc in collaboration with Magnum. I was worried about it being overly sweet as but it was perfect! I think the saltiness of the bacon helped and I didn’t ask for any sweet toppings on top. I read that they give you complimentary water but that’s not true, it’s $1.

A little further description on the toppings for those interested. The dried strawberries tasted like candy and I didn't eat that as part of the ice cream bar. The gold flakes had no taste, only for aesthetic purposes. The chocolate rice krispies provided a crispy texture and the rose pedal had a flowery fragrance and taste. The bacon wasn't overly tasty and provided a nice balance, perfect for those who like sweet and salty concoctions. The ice cream and milk chocolate coating was rich and smooth. Honestly, I would have been happy with no toppings. Hahaha~ My suggestion for topping is go easy and try not to get everything cause in the end, it probably won’t taste all that great. Simplicity. I do suggest on passing on the sea salt cause MRBF got it and it was overpowering even with just a little bit.

It’s a good promotional idea to bring people in but I would only go once. Pop up store has been extended until end of August. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm curious to go and try out the toppings you chose. Keep up the good work !

  2. Went there today and my Magnum creation tasted amazing! Kept it to three different nut toppings for simplicity. Oh! Magnum's facebook page just announced the store will be extended until August 30th! More time to try :)