July 15, 2013


Donburi recently opened in Commerce Gate. They serve Japanese style rice bowls and their famous dish is the beef rice bowl.

To start off, you get miso soup. Not a big fan of miso soup, find it a little bit too salty.

Ordered Ozura Bacon (3.99) as appetizer. It was bacon wrapped quail egg. Pretty good, but nothing out of the ball park.

Next is the Katsudon (9.99) which is essentially deep fried pork chop on rice. The pork chop wasn't crispy, probably wilted down on the sauce for the rice. It was okay. There was A LOT of rice underneath. 

Finally, the famous Donburi Gyuudon (10.99) with Osen Egg ($1). I didn't think the additional egg was necessary. The beef was really tender and thinly sliced. Again, there was WAY too much rich underneath. It was good overall.

Went during the soft opening so service was a little lacking and people didn't look like they know what they were doing. I would go back if I wanted something to eat in the Markham area but not something I would go out of my way for.

Final Verdict: Par

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