July 8, 2013


I have to deeply apologize that I have been neglecting this blog. Things just got busy in life. Finally went to e11even a couple weeks back. Read so much about their burger, the fancy iPad cocktail drinks menu and their toilets. Yes, their toilets. The atmosphere is really niceand the patio looks awesome if it wasn't so sunny. Thus, opted to sit inside. 

Complementary bread. It was warm and soft. The bread was on the sweet side like those Asian bakery bread.

Not an alcoholic drinker so I got the blueberry lemonade. You can really taste the blueberry in the beginning but not so much after, probably washed down by the ice.

The "seared tuna salad" $25 with avocado and ginger dressing was light and tasty. The tuna was fresh and seared perfectly. The salad was crisp and the portion was large.

Up next is the "maple burger" $25 with guiness cheddar, double smoked bacon and garlic aioli. Coming from a non burger fan, this burger was really good! It was juicy and the maple bacon really came through in taste and texture. I would definitely order this burger for myself next time. Forgot to the mention the bun. The bun was still toasty upon bite and it was delicious. Hate soggy buns, but this bun was wonderful! YUM!

The bill was presented in a very creative manner.

Final Verdict: Above Par

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