January 21, 2013


24 more days until my 3 weeks Asia trip! Just 24 more days yet it feels like forever! 
I'll be travelling to Taipei, Seoul, Fuzhou and Hong Kong. I"ll be in the flying 8 times in 3 weeks, which kind of scares me. It will be my 2nd time going to Taipei and I'm super hyped cause I will be going to the places I wasn't able to go back in 2009, such as experiencing hotsprings in Beitou and visiting Jiufeng. Can't wait for all the delicious food, shopping and sightseeing. I will for sure update my blog with all the enticing food photos. It will be my first time going to Seoul and I have been planning for months! At first I was worried about the language barrier, but I learned that a lot of places have English and Chinese translation available. I can't really eat spicy so I'm a little worried about the food. Maybe I'll come back loving all the spiciness. My itinerary for Seoul is pretty impressive even I have to say so. I'm happy to post my itinerary if anyone is interested. It's a very well balanced itinerary with everything you ever need to do in Korea. I'm super super excited just writing about it! Not much planned for Fuzhou cause I will be visiting my grandparents and get some portraits done, hoping in Qing Dynasty costumes, hahahaha~ As for Hong Kong, I recently went in Mar 2012 so not much planned just gonna be visiting the restaurants I wanted to visit but couldn't go last time and catching up with friends. 

Anyways, to make the remaining 24 days go by faster, I have 4 Winterlicious planned. Lunch at Jump and Far Niente, and dinner at Corner House and Toula. At least something to look forward to to make the time go by a little faster. I'll also be going to Octagon Restaurant for a friend's bday. Excited for that too. Hopefully I will have those Winterlicious reviews up before the event ends for anyone that is interested. I honestly have no expectation for Winterlicious cause the food usually disappoints. It's just another excuse to get together with friends. 


  1. I'm very skeptical about Jump. Been there before, and since it's O&B, it's always ridiculously overcrowded and understaffed. Food was miserable.
    I spotted Quince on the Winterlicious listing, and it looks FABULOUS, especially for a $15 Lunch / $25 Dinner! I've been there for regular lunches and their pastas are great (all made in-house).

    If you're not scared of stinky tofu, you could check out Shenkeng just outside of Taipei .. the entire street is at least 1/3 full of stinky tofu vendors! http://taiwan-photography-blog.com/2010/08/03/must-see-taiwan-shiding-and-shenkeng/

    Very very excited for you and your trip! Definitely hope you come back with an improved spice tolerance .. !

    1. I really hope my spice tolerance can improve after korea, I wanna be able to enjoy my dukbokki in its original state, not the non spicy version i usually get, hahaha

      I've had stinky tofu at the night markets here, I can get over the stink but I can't seem to taste what's so good about it...hmmm maybe i just have weird taste buds hahaha

      Why didn't you tell me about Quince before I made all my reservations?!?!? hahaha jks jks but for $15/$25 the menu does look really good! You should go and do a review too!!

    2. You can still make a weekend lunch reservation there. If I had your contact info, I would have invited you to come along to do a joint review!

      Mmm I think stinky tofu is a very acquired taste. There's a particular umami-ful sourness to it, and goes great paired with the pickled cabbage. Mmm. Jealous!

      Have an amazing trip, can't wait to see all your photos!

  2. I know the reviews of Octagon are solid but let me cast the sole "below par" vote against it. It's old school and does it well, but not worth the price for the steaks we had unless you're into that style of dining. Good steak but not at that price. For reference, I thought the same of The School as well.

    What's your Seoul itinerary like? Am curious what you have packed in.

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I will definitely update with my review on Octagon. As I always say "higher the anticipation, higher the disappointment."

      I will be more than happy to post my Seoul itinerary once I come back from the trip with photos. Stay toned =)

    2. Happy snake new year JL! I'm boarding now and wishing you a safe and wonderful trip in 4 days time. Bye bye la~

      Its yours if you like it. An early 11.22 for you ^^

  3. Have fun on your trip! I haven't been to any of those places except HK so I look forward to your posts!!