January 7, 2013


Along with "Less is More" and a couple of friends, we went to BUCA to celebrate "Less is More"' 's birthday. Don't bother checking the website because it's useless. Unless you are only interested in knowing the location and hours of business. There are no menus on the website. With my wild guess, I assume it's because they change their menu too often, thus, too lazy to constantly update the website. The location of BUCA is a little difficult to find since it's tucked inside an alley way and their sign is quite small. In short, it's right across from WVRST, literally.

 Yes, the bread is not free and neither is the olive oil. I suggest on passing the bread because they were hard and none of the 4 variety tasted really good. The olive oil is nice but not nice enough that cost $3 whereas other places have them for free.
pane di buca (5) + olive oil (3)
Disappointing composition of the kale salad with persimmon on the bottom. The dressing and everything did not blend well together. Quite disappointing.
kale salad (12)
My favorite of the cured meat was the one in the middle which I don't recall the name. It tasted great with the middle side dish. The sourness of side dish balanced well with the saltiness of the cured meat.
salumi 3 (17)

This is the BEST pizza I had. I think this beats Terroni's pizza for me anyday! I'm just drooling and craving for it as I look at the picture. The pizza is topped with thinly sliced potatoes, sprinkled with fresh rosemary and drizzled with egg yolk. The composition of the pizza was perfect. I never knew egg yolk on pizza would taste so good. It was not overly salty and tasted just right. I could of just kept eating this pizza all night long and was the best dish of the night.

pizza patate (21)

The pasta dishes on the other hand was a completely different story. The pasta texture of both dishes below were uncooked. They were NOT al dente but hard. Taste wise did not stand out at all.
bigoli (19)
I always thought carbonara was a rich and savory pasta sauce. It was not the case for the below. The bacon crisp was so burnt that it tasted bitter and completely ruined your mouthful. The fish roe didn't do much to the dish either.
carb di mare (24)

The dandelion veggie side dish was recommended by our server stating this is a commonly eaten vegetable in Italian cuisine. It did not taste good at all. It was bitter and all I could taste seasoning wise was vinegar. 
veg cicoria (8)

take home meringue cookies (free)

Final Verdict: Slightly Above Par (without the pizza, I would just give it par)

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  1. Oh wow, it would have gotten a par without the pizza? Just based on the negative impressions, I thought it would barely get a par -with- the pizza.
    I do hear that their pizzas are rather fabulous, always wanted to their their duck egg pizza and their truffle pizza.
    Sad to hear that so much of the food was disappointing, and charging for bread? Pfft. =/
    Happy Belated Birthday Less Is More, and Happy New Year to you both!

  2. I've eaten here a few times and can't disagree more with your review! The kale salad is absolutely delicious; and the bigoli with duck offal ragu (you don't even mention what the dish is in your review) was one of my all time favourite pasta dishes. However, there are technical issues with the cooking of the food from time to time. Sucks that your bacon was burnt. My girlfriend ordered a dish that was too salty, and we both salt our foods to the point of being salty. Order the trio of cannolli-probably the best desert ever.