May 30, 2013


For those who follow Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, you know that Guy Fieri visited a couple spots in Toronto for the show and Hey Meatball was one of them. Located in Little Italy, lots of interesting restaurants in this area. Don't be surprised here, but this was my first time in Little Italy having lived in Toronto for soooooo long.

The menu is on the chalk board in the back. You place your order at the counter and they will call your name once it is ready. You find your own table and water is self served on the side. 

The chicken balls were featured on the show so of course I had to order it. It was chicken balls with mashed potato and mushroom gravy for around $12. You get THREE chicken balls on top of mashed potato covered with mushroom gravy. Nothing blew me away. It was alright.

The second item ordered was meatball (pork and beef) spaghetti for about $12 as well. Now this was below average. The meatballs were kind of tough, had a really strong pork taste. The noodles were more like an egg noodle instead of your normal white pasta. Not to my likings. The sauce was bland, not enough flavour. Overall, very disappointed and most definitely not worth $12!

Quite disappointed at this recommendation from Guy. Most people didn't finish their noodles around us either so that must be a sign... Will not be returning nor will I be recommending this place. 

Final Verdict: Par

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  1. 1) Goodness, we need to get you around all the cute little neighbourhoods all around the city. There must be so much you're missing out on (esp for food!)
    2) Should the Par -> SubPar? Sounds like it was pretty disappointing, esp for $12.
    3) I wonder about Guy's recommendations -- I often hear that the restos featured on DDD never turn out to be that good. (That being said, I like the Lakeview Resto that was featured - spicy wings, great selection of local beers, open 24 hrs, and they put an apple pie slice into their milkshakes!)

    1. Definitely need to visit Little Italy more, they have so many things for me to try out! Lakeview is totally on my list as well! Now that it's got your approval, I want to try it out even more!

    2. At Lakeview, had the Jerk Wings (twice) - they were flavourful and battered-crunchy but spicy! Had the deep fried pickles and deep fried mac'n'cheese. Both are exactly as advertised - competent and a nice novelty. Likewise, the apple pie milkshake was a cute novelty, but probably wouldn't have those 3 again.
      Little Italy - love Frank's Kitchen (anything/everything, they do quality food) and Utopia Cafe (I've only had their Merguez Lamb Sausage + Brie Cheese Poutine, so so good. Haven't had anything else there). Hapa Izakaya was meh.