December 1, 2012


"Less is More" and I originally made plans to go to Westlodge. However, when we got there around 5:45pm, the waiter told us they were fully booked and we had to be turned away.  Hungry and cold, I put on my thinking hat and quickly thought of WVRST. It was always on my list but never tried it due to its inconvenient location from work. I was EXCITED! Walking down King West, I saw "The One That Got Away", always wanted to try that place. So my friend and I decided to do a little food adventure and hit up 2 places that night. Please expect review on The One That Got Away shortly after this one.

Love this RED ceramic brick wall!
 The environment is very laid back where everyone seats themselves on communal tables. Reservations are taken for large groups. The lights on the ceiling are just awesome. I like how it turns out in pictures. It almost feels surreal.

Ordered this soda drink instead of beer. Not much of an alcohol person. The drink had a lemongrass aroma with a lime tasting Pierrer water. It's slightly sweeter than Pierre, but not as sweet as soda.
Lime & Lemongrass
There were so many sausage choices. With help of handy dandy iPhone, we did a quick search on what people recommended, and it came down to bison, wild boar and duck. In the end, we decided to order just one duck sausage with duck fat fries to share since we will be hitting up another place right after.
Duck Fat Fries w/ chive and garlic mayo (3.95), Duck Sausage in white roll with sautee onions and sweet peppers (9)
 The duck fat fries were good, but they were inconsistent. All the fries had different textures. Some were soft, some were hard, and some were just right. If you are lucky and picked the right one, dipped in the mayo sauce, it tasted wonderful. The fries had the right amount of saltiness and tasted fine just on its own.

On to the duck sausage hotdog. The sweet pepper didn't do anything and it just kept falling off, thus, end up eating them separately. The duck sausage tasted good, but in a bite with the bun and onions, it was a mush. They sausage didn't have any texture at all. At times you weren't even sure if you took a bite of the sausage at all.

In the end, I do like this place and would come back to try some sausages, hopefully with more of a bite.

Final Verdict: Slightly Above Par 

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  1. I often if those of us with a Chinese background, who eat BBQ duck semi-regularly (and eat all the parts of the duck, no less), are really spoiled when it comes to duck preparation from other cultures. I'm never impressed when I have duck breast at a western restaurant, or a duck-anything, finding that the gamey duck flavour is completely missing.