December 5, 2012

The One That Got Away

Ever since I had terrible fish and chips from the Pickle Barrel (I know... what was I thinking?!?!) I was on a hunt for good ones.

Perfectly fried piece of fish, very fresh and the tartar sauce gave it the extra kick. As for the fries... they were not good. Having just ate the duck fat fries, these fries were no match. They were bland and hard. I guess it would be unfair to compare the two since they are on two different playing fields.
Haddock Fish n Chips, 8.99
I was very excited for these fish tacos as I heard many many great things about them. However, I was disappointed.  The tortilla wrap was too thick and hard. The whole taco together had no taste. The fish was nicely fried, but aside from that, the tacos were just bland. They looked appealing but tasted the opposite. In the end, we just ate the fish and left everything else as it is. My friend had try the fish tacos from Grand Electric and at that time she thought they were over-hyped. After trying these guys, she thought Grand Electric was a lot better.
Fish Tacos, 10.95
"You only learn to appreciate the good when you had worse" - JL

Final Verdict: Par

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  1. Hahaha @ "You only learn to appreciate the good when you had worse" .. I guess you've been eating very very well lately, and need to eat more terrible food. :)
    Have you watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi? My favourite line from that movie was "In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food". That's my excuse for eating awesome food.
    Do you recall if the tortillas were made of flour or corn? I'm guessing most likely flour, if they're hard and icky ..
    I had really terrible fish/chips in my work cafeteria 3 wks ago. Need a good fish/chips place to wash out the taste of disappointment from my mouth.

    1. Ppl have been telling me "Olde Yorke Fish and Chips" is really good, got to give that a try someday. I think I'm gonna lay off fried food for awhile... I'm more of a herbivore... hahaha

      I have heard of that movie but haven't seen it, I will definitely check it out next time.

    2. Just re-reading your review, it sounds like the fish itself was pretty well done, so I might check this place out. I think it's pretty rare for a Fish'n'Chips place to have really outstanding fries. Yes, I've heard great things about Olde Yorke Fish'n'Chips (they have a deep fried Mars chocolate bar!), and I also hear good things about Penrose Fish'n'Chips.
      Although after all this talk, I think I feel a bit queasy from thinking about the greasiness of battered fish, so um, thanks for helping me save a few calories? haha ..

      And yes, watch the documentary please!

  2. Sad to hear you didn't like it! I heard lots of good things about this place. Maybe I'll bump this down from my hit list... :(

    1. The fish was still good, just not the fries and the tacos, hahaha~


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