September 3, 2012

NYC Roadtrip Roundup 2012: Triple D Joints

Triple D Stop #1: Grover's Bar and Grill
Read about this from Food Junkie's Chronicle and decided to stop by at our NYC roadtrip. We got there just around dinner time and it was PACKED. We waited for a good hour and we patiently watched the names being crossed off the waiting list chalkboard until it finally hit ours. 
Here's Guy to prove that is indeed a triple D stop.

 As Food Junkie's Chronicle had suggested, we ordered the Cattleman Burger as this was she liked best. We also got the infamous cheeseburger soup which we didn't really like. Too heavy for our taste buds.
Cheeseburger Soup, not a fan.
All the food we ordered.
 We also got some wings, fish and chips and another burger than I can't remember. The burgers were HUGE and the three of us did not finish all the food we ordered. The burger was juicy but I thought the patty was WAY too thick and you just can't fit the whole thing in your mouth. Overall, the food was very good. We packed the wings to go, but little did we know, "somebody" left them on top of our car roof and it flew off while we were driving.

Final Verdict: Slightly Above Par

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 Triple D Stop #2: Blackthorn Restaurant and Pub
Visited this joint on our way back to Toronto and we were VERY hungry thus the lack of actual food pictures. We got here around 6pm and it was not packed. In fact it was very quiet, a contrast to Grover's. 
We ordered the Triple D Platter, Shepard's Pie and a garden salad. The mini beef on weck was very good. The roast beef was tender and juicy served on was very interesting bread where the top was sprinkled with salt. We did not enjoy the Irish beer soup as the beer taste was too strong and couldn't taste much of anything else. I thought the tater tots was suppose to the really awesome here but I didn't find anything special about them. The sheppard's pie was decent, nothing worth writing home about.

Final Verdict: Par

Blackthorn Restaurant & Pub on Urbanspoon

 Triple D Stop #3: John's
Sorry for the lack of detail post as these pictures were taken before the start of this blog, thus we didn't take pictures of all the food we had and a lot of time, we were just too hungry and dug right in. I really like this restaurant and most of the food we ordered was very good.

Delicious tender meatballs and the tomato sauce had a natural sweet taste. LOVE!
Clam pizza, it was a little too salty and oily for my taste.
Century old candle stand.
Final Verdict: Above Par

John's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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