March 13, 2013

Clarke's Standard - NYC

Clarke's Standard was the last food stop during my NYC trip. My friend chose this place, but not because it was popular or because it had raving reviews. He chose it because it was close and he wanted a burger.

Their burger prices range from $6.75 - $8.75. Not exactly cheap, but not the most expensive I've seen. 

Brooklyn Au Poivre

You can't really see the contents of the other burger, but it's the standard. It looks like... a standard burger. 

The Brooklyn was pretty good. $7.75 for just the burger is kinda a lot though. There wasn't anything about it that made it stand out from other burgers, but it was still well made. I like the box they put the burger in. 

I was full when I came here, so I didn't order any of their sides. The waffle sweet potato fries were tempting, but my stomach quota was reaching its limits after getting a drink at Jamba Juice (which I'm now a big fan of, btw).


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