March 3, 2013

Cafe Metro - NYC

This small cafe was steps away from our hotel (the DoubleTree on Lexington Ave). We had our lunchtime breakfast there. Nothing special here, but good for some basics.

To order food, you have to grab the attention of whoever is behind the counter of the kitchen or deli area, then pay at the counter. They don't have prices listed anywhere for a good number of their items, so you're left finding out how much everything costs at the til. 

Cajun Chicken Sandwich; Bacon, Eggs and Toast in the BG

I ordered the Cajun Chicken Sandwich, which came out to $8.70 after taxes (which I only found out when I was paying). It was pretty good, but in my opinion, a bit pricey for what it was. If I stayed at the hotel longer than I did and felt really hungry and tired, I would hop over here to order this again.

My friend's bacon, eggs, and toast wasn't very... exciting. But I guess he should have seen that coming. It's a pretty plain breakfast choice. That, and his $5 freshly squeezed orange juice, didn't leave too great of an impression on him.


I liked my food. I wasn't impressed by the service, pricing transparency, or how to go about ordering there. Also, I took into consideration what my friend thought about the place. Though I would return in a pinch, he would not.

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