March 12, 2013

Octagon Restaurant

This post was intended to be publish before my trip, but somehow I never managed to finished. Now that I'm back, I can finally publish this post. Please stay tune for my upcoming posts on the foods I had in Taiwan and Seoul~
a very old school environment

The garlic bread was slathered with butter and raw minced onion on top. The bread was nice and crispy and was very oily due to the amount of butter.
garlic bread

pickles, olives and hot peppers
The lobster bisque was very good. It was hot despite the speed this dish was delivered. Shortly after placing our order, the soup was brought out. The speed of the service was faster than an licious events. There were lobster meat in every mouthful and it was delicious.

lobster bisque 15.95
A minimum of 2 order must be placed for the tableside prepared caesar salad. I found the dressing contained way too much garlic. The garlic taste lingered for a long time and I could still taste it when I got home. It was quiet spicy compared to the one at Jacob's. Overall, it was good aside from too much garlic.

caesar salad prepared tableside 14.50/pp
I was pretty full after eating the soup and salad and when my entree came, I was full. The sight of this large piece of meat made me REALLY FULL. From this, I came up with the perfect diet plan for myself called "the look at meat" diet. As you all might know, I'm not a carnivore. The sight of any large piece of meat makes me lose my appetite. So, if I ever want to lose weight, look at large pieces of meat and I dont think I will be hungry anymore. I pretty much ate most of this the next day for lunch. There was a lot of crabmeat and they were not shy on that. I felt the chicken was dry, possibly I microwaved for too long.

chicken neptune 26.95
The garlic mashed potatoes were kind of dry and bland. Some gravy would of helped.

garlic mashed potatoes
The grilled vegetables were delcious, sweet and tender.

grilled vegetables
Here is my fd's New York strip steak. It was cooked to perfection, but meat is not my thing. The side mushroom was really good according to my fd.

12oz new york strip steak 45.95
The dessert was well done, no complains here. Perfectly caramalized sugar on top with creamy custard in the bottom.

creme brulee 11.95

tea 3

Overall the the dishes were very solid and service was good. Our water glass were constantly being refilled. However, the dishes came out too fast! I felt like we were being rushed when there weren't even that many people.

Final Verdict: Above Par

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  1. Welcome back.
    Excitedly anticipating your Asia posts!
    The lobster bisque sounds really good at the Octagon. I wonder if they'll look at me funny for coming in just for the soup, then leaving.
    Thanks for posting!

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