April 5, 2013

SongCook's Authentic Korean Restaurant

After a couple of my travel posts, let's bring things back home so you can actually go and have the food featured on my blog. After coming back from Korea, I was obviously craving for Korean food. I read about SongCook's on a couple of blogs but was hesitant to try it out early due to location. It's inconvenient for me but may be convenient for others. I did my research and made a list of the things I wanted to order.

Arrived early because I hate waiting and I was really hungry around 5pm already. You get a choice of being seated in the heated floor section or the tables. I opted for the seated floors because it reminds me of the times in Korea. It was nice and clean and very spacious. As most bloggers have mentions, the servers here speak fluent English =)

Here are the banchans, nothing too crazy. The jap chae was bland and the kimchi was okay. I liked the green bean jelly aka nokdumuk in Korean aka liangfen (涼粉) in Chinese. It was the first time I seen that in a Korean restaurant. The raw egg is for the seafood soon dubu later.

Got the jajang combo as many has recommended. The jajangmyun was fairly tasty. The noodles had a nice bite without being too soft.
JaJang combo w/ TangSu Yuk 13.00

Many reviews had suggested to pass on the tangsu yuk but I never listen and I want to try it since it seems like it's one of their best dishes. AND... I should of listened. It wasn't that good and pork was dry in the middle with a very strong sour taste.
TangSu Yuk
Now, the kalbijim was a must order recommended by everyone and it was really delicious. The beef rib was off the bone tender and had a really good flavour. It tasted very Chinese to me and so much Korean.  Perhaps more sweet than your average Chinese dish.

KalBiJim (s) 12
The seafood soon dubu wasn't worth anything to write about. It was very average. The rice came at an additional cost of 2.50 I believe which you can pick betweem brown rice and many other varieties. I definitely prefer my soon dubu at Tofu House in First Markham Place.
Haemul Soon Tofu (s) 7

complimentary dessert - not sure what it was but it tasted good

Overall, I liked SongCook's and would come back for the jajangmyun and try their tabletop cooking next time.

Final Verdict: Slightly Above Par

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  1. How does Tofu House compare to bukchang dong soondubu? BCD has been my first and favourite soondubu place. I'm pretty intrigued by their dessert. And funny to see you admitting to never listening, and that you hate waiting. You're quite the handful but you're honest about it! :)

  2. Thanks for trying us out! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed most of your dishes. We'll see about what we can do to fix the overpowering tang of the TangSuYuk. Thanks again and happy dining!