April 15, 2013


The whole purpose of me visiting NAMI is to have sukiyaki. NAMI is probably known for its fresh sushi and sashimi but I only wanted to have sukiyaki. I was first introduced to sukiyaki in Taiwan back in 2009 at Mo-Mo-Paradise specializing in AYCE hotpot. It was probably not authentic but it tasted really good. Sukiyaki is basically thinly sliced beef cooked with a sweet soy sauce. In other words, it's Chinese hotpot, Japanese style. If I ever craved for sukiyaki, I would usually go to Ematei. I discovered that NAMI also offers the same at a slightly more expensive price of $33/per person, whereas Ematei is priced at $60 (enough for 2 people or 3 girls, hahaha). Nonetheless, I wanted to give it a try.

 All the delicious ingredients being cooked in the sweet soy sauce. Taste wise, they taste the same but ingredient wise, there is a ever so slight difference with Ematei. NAMI provided udon noodles and Ematei provided yam noodles. It comes with a raw egg where you dip your beef that will give it a very tender texture.

Service was excellent as the server was informative and provided attentive service with privacy. However, it didn't seem like the server did not know to the assemble the raw ingredients on the hot pan. Ematei does a better job in that area. In end, it was a delicious meal. If I was craving for sukiyaki, I think I would go back to Ematei since it's cheaper and the service for the sukiyaki was better.

Black sesame icecream with a sesame crisp for dessert. A nice end to the meal. 

Final Verdict: Slightly Above Par

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  1. Was the black sesame ice cream made in-house, or was it the Hime brand that you get at T&T?
    I can't stop thinking about the black sesame ice cream at Inakaya. So good.