June 20, 2013

Craft Dogs - Home of Handmade Hot Dogs

Gourmet hot dog joints are opening left and right. I really wanted to try JAPADOG from Vancouver after seeing it on Eat St. Craft Dogs is a recent addition to King St E and has been opened for less than one month. The website is currently under construction. Menu is very limited with the prices of hot dogs ranging from $7-$13, quiet pricey I have to say. Please note, they do not come with any sides. 

I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak Dog for $8.95 hoping it would taste like a Philly cheese steak butI wrong. The visual aspect of the hot dog was not appetizing and it was tiny! I was honestly not full after. The hot dog itself was too salty, I actually prefer the hot dog carts better after eating this. Everything barely fit into the bun and it bun started falling apart when it sauces started soaking into the bun. I did not enjoy this gourmet hot dog and definitely not worth the price tag of $8.95+tax. Will not be back, overall big disappointment. Please note, it also took forever long to get the order when it wasn't even busy.

Final Verdict: Below Par

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  1. Just came across this today -- Sully's Honest Dogs might be reasonably priced -- unfortunately, the link doesn't provide pricing information.

    There's also Fancy Franks, but I think that might end up a bit expensive too.

    I think one of the really "Toronto" things I miss, after being away from the city, are the street vendor italian sausages.

    1. I was just at the Common Goods containers at Harbourfront the other day and Sully's Honest Dogs (the customized hot dogs) are priced at $4.95. They offer combos there too including a beverage and bag of chips with your meal at $13.50. Also, if you want a simple hot dog, you are able to do so as well. I tried the Danforth and it was amazing. The next one I am going to go for is Little India.