August 23, 2012

Loui's Kouzina

 Heard about this place through other bloggers. It's suppose to be the better greek restaurant in Markham. I been to this plaza before but have NEVER notice this place.

Small Chicken Souvlaki Plate 10.95

They had option of large or small plate, difference is the number of sides you get. Please refer to above picture of a section of the menu for your reference. 

The chicken souvlaki was well season, not dry, quiet tasty. The Greek salad was like any other Greek salad, nothing too fancy. I found the potato was a little too salty for my taste buds. The meal came with bread but we did not get any until we asked the server. The only reason I know there is bread is that I read it on people's blog and see other tables getting it and not us. 

Overall, the food was decent but service was lacking. Will visit again if I ever want Greek food.

Final Verdict: Slightly Above Par.

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  1. Sept 2012. Loui's Kouzinas was sold and the new owners now use MSG in ALL the food. I was there tonight and the food is not as good as before. It is over seasoned and basically not edible. Chicken is dry, calamari (both grilled & fried) were over done. Lamb shanks were dry without any jus. What a shame because this was my favourite restaurant. Only signing in as Anonymous because I don't want to open an account.

    I do not recommend this restaurant anymore. Service was disorganized and slow.

    1. That's such an ashame, I really liked that place minus the service...

  2. I used to love this restaurant. They had amazing food and good service. I went there one night in the hopes of having a good meal and a good service which is a usual at this establishment. When I got there it was the exact opposite. I have never had service so horrible in my entire life. We waited to be seated and were ignored for 20 minutes. Even patrons of the restaurant were looking at us wondering why we weren't being acknowledged. FInally after 20 minutes a waitress came up to us and said she would put two tables together so we could eat. By the time she had approached us another group had come in and we were now blocking the entire doorway of the restaurant for people leaving and picking up take out orders. We saw a table being that was vacated and cleared and decided to sit down to clear up the space by the door which was a help for staff and patrons to move around more freely because the restaurant is a small place. Once we sat the rude waiter came up to us put napkins in the middle of the table with the utensils on top. Refusing to set up the table. He then told the table beside us that he "resented people sitting themselves". I have never seated myself at restaurant we sat down to get out of the doorway. He also told the table beside us that he gave us the dull knives and that their knives would be better. I am not blaming the restaurant for being busy we expected that. But to not even be acknowledged was ridiculous. And to be spoken about directly behind was immature and unprofessional. We don't like to create problems so we weren't going to say anything about about being ignored and horrible table set up. For the waiter to be blatantly rude refusing to set the table and giving us bad utensils is ridiculous. I will never go back to this establishment!

    1. I hope letting all that out of you made u feel better. I've heard it has gone downhill since the last time I was there. None of us there are expecting excellent service but being treated like that ruins any meal.