August 10, 2012

Beer Bistro

The Beer Bistro have always been just steps away from my workplace but I never had the opportunity to try it out. I always see this place buzzing during lunch time as business men and women sit in the patio with their cone of frites.

As the name states, Beer Bistro is a place where they incorporate beer in the dishes. This place has a huge selection of beer, with my close to none knowledge in beer, the beer list was just a jumble of words to me.  

Fruli Strawberry (Belgium; 4.1% alc.)

The beer was very fruity, though I was not able to taste the strawberry, I thought it was still pretty good.

 Salmon Belly Cakes $12.95

This cake was my least favorite out of all the dishes we tried. The outside had a light crispy coating, however, when you cut into it, everything just fell out. It had a very prominent salmon fishy taste. The dill sauce was a nice touch to the dish.
Belgian Frites $6

The ever so infamous Belgian Frites that everyone orders and heard many good reviews on this finger food was disappointing in my standards. I felt the top stash of these frites are slight under-cooked as I bit into a raw potato and the skins was not as crispy as I like them to be.The salt on these was very unevenly distributed as they turned quite salty near the end. It was served with homemade mayonnaise & smoked tomato ketchup. I somehow ended up dipping in the ketchup most of the times.One thing that puzzled me was how the bottom stash of these frites were overcooked/slightly burnt while the top was slightly under-cooked if they were being made in the same batch... These frites did not blow me away and left me quite disappointed.

Hog Wild Pizza $16.50

The topping for this pizza included "berkshire pulled pork, smoked sausage, beer-cured bacon, oregano, mozzarella, garlic confit." This was a decent pizza, very barbecue-y tasting. I somehow tasted pineapple like things when it contained no citrus-y ingredients. Overall, it was good but average tasting to me. 

Belgian White Mussel Bowl $18.50

The mussel bowl was my favorite of the night. I had previously tried the mussel bowl at Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill and I like the one at Beer Bistro much better as the one at Starfish was very sandy as I kept on eating  sand in the mussel and was just not able to enjoy the dish while spitting out sand. The flavour was Belgian White was just right for my taste bud, not too overwhelming to cover the natural sweetness of the mussels. Two complaint, the mussels was VERY SMALL and slightly overcooked that the texture of the mussels became a little chewy/rubbery. 

The service was very nice and the server was attentive and kept out water glass full. Though near the end when we all finished and just wanted to chat, it seem like the server was rushing us to go when they were not exactly fully packed. The bill was given to us without us asking for it. Overall, it was a decent/okay meal. Will I go back? Probably not. 

Rating System:
Sub-Par: save your money and time
Par: not missing out anything special
Slightly Above Par: give it try on your next outing
Above-Par: stop what you are doing and go NOW!!!

Final Verdict: Par

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