October 15, 2012

Afternoon Tea @ Ritz Carlton DEQ Terrace & Lounge

Afternoon tea at Ritz Carlton is offered inside the DEQ Terrace and Lounge. For $38/person, you can enjoy your choice of lose leaf tea with an array of seasonal selection of tea sandwiches, scones and pastries. If you feel fancy, you may opt for the $45/person "NOT SO classic tea " where an alcoholic cocktail will be served in addition to your tea.



The server was informative and explained the different options available and brought over the selection of tea for us to pick. The tea selection was very limited. They only had about 8 different types of teas to pick from. I wanted something fruity but none of the options matched. In the end, I took the server's suggesttion and opted for the Organic Vanilla Rooibas. The tea had a sweet scent and vanilla-ey taste.

the quiche

the scone
open face sandwiches

the dessert tower

Overall, I found the food quality at DEQ was better than Windsor Arms. There were definitely some hits and misses in the food selections. I thoroughly enjoyed the smoked salmon croissants and the dessert selections. The open faced sandwiches were disappointing as the bread was quite dry. The quiche could of been flakier and the scones were not a match for the soft tender scones served at Windsor Arms. The petite fours were a completely different story. Comparing with Windsor Arms, these petite fours were much more delicate and tasty. The presentation was just phenomenal. The cappuccino custard cream puffs, chocolate madeleines, shortbread cookies and the various fruit and meringue tarts were not only pretty to look at but also pleasant to the taste buds, whereas Windsor Arms' tasted store bought and generic.
DEQ offers a modern afternoon tea take while Windsor Arms offers a traditional affair.Try both some day~

Final Verdict: Above Par


  1. I didn't like Windsor Arms' afternoon tea; will give Ritz a try :)

  2. I think the tarts taste really good, I tried once when I came across at Ritz, I really love those tart's and bought one box for my kid's, they prepared it together with a tulsi their father gave them. They really loved it.