March 18, 2013

Taiwan - Street Eats Edition

Hi All~~~ This post will exhibit all the street food and nightmarket food I had in Taiwan. To be honest, when I'm in Taiwan, I just prefer to have dinner at the nightmarket. Nightmarket in Taiwan is very accessible and opens everyday around 6pm. The food is delicious and really cheap. I will most comment on the food I had in the caption below the picture. 

Almond Tofu (hot) - it was a almond milk soup with crush almond and the almond tofu had a jello like texture, slightly chewy. The almond taste was really prominent and not the artificial kind, it was refreshing and yummy. It was nothing I ever had before. 
very famous noodle spot located in the popular area of Ximending, no seating available, you will see people just standing around eating
thin noodles with pig intestines - it was really good despite how simple this bowl of noodle 
 The below three pictures were the foods we had at Shilin Nightmarket. For those we have previously visited this establishment, it has been moved to an underground location slightly further down than where it used to be. When I visited in 2009, the nightmarket was located right across of the subway exit in an open but sheltered area. That area is now fenced off for possibly property development. It was quiet stuffy and hot in the underground establishment where A TON of food stalls are located. Air circulation was not ideal.

Taiwanese oyster omelette - done just right with the right ratio of egg, vegetables and flour mixture, the sauce was good too
minced pork on rice - popular Taiwanese dish but it was just alright, not saucey enough for me
coffin toast (cream corn with crispy shredded pork) - this is my absolute favorite at the Shilin Nightmarket, deep fried thick toast to perfection with the top cut off and filled with your choice of filling, crispy on the outside and savory on the inside

green onion pancake roll with egg and soy milk - your typical Taiwanese breakfast sold around the corner, the sauce they put in between is the highlight, wish we had this in Canada as a breakfast option
taro and sweet potato balls with green bean soup - had this at Jiufeng where its known for its taro and sweet potato balls, the taro and sweet potato balls are chewy in texture and refreshing with the cold green bean soup, perfect on a hot summer day
peanuts and icecream crepe - another Jiufeng delicacy made by an old couple, the husband manually grounds the peanuts while the wife assemble this sweet dessert
steamed pig blood cake - yes, I know it sounds disgusting but I absolutely LOVE this, chewy and the peanut and parsley coating makes it so much more awesome, I crave for this everyday!
green onion beef roll - the onion was really sweet but it's like your Japanese beef and scallion roll
spareribs soup with blanched veggies - the soup was really good, not too peppery and the spareribs were really tender, bones removed
Taiwanese sausage - nothing too special 
red bean cake - tons of red bean filling but I thought the outside would of been crispier


  1. I've never had the pig blood popsicle, crepes, or green bean soup before! goodness, now I have to start planning a trip to go back. =/ Never been to Jiufeng before -- I guess I'll have to make a trip there next time.
    And I absolutely agree, I would much rather eat at night markets and small stalls, than go to a restaurant. Very impressed that your stomach was able to handle it -- kudos!

    1. go back for another trip? are u from Taiwan? I never had any stomach problems while travelling probably because I try to avoid any raw or unsanitary places. I say Taiwan is pretty good in that area, everything is really clean, even at the nightmarket. I'm glad that you are not gross out by idea of pig blood cake, most people just shy away after hearing the name. I would go back to Taiwan any day, their type of food just suits my taste buds! hehehehe

    2. guilty as charged. last time I was back was 2005, so it's long overdue. i was alright when i went back in 2006, but i got pretty sick in 2002 ~ lack of sleep just prior to the trip + night market street food + airplane germs = bad news. ended up getting an IV drip at a hospital, stomach virus of some sort.
      there aren't many foods that would gross me out, i would eat pretty much anything. i think i'm a bit hesitant on eating reproductive organs, but i've had some before.
      hey, i just realized there isn't a lot of spicy Taiwanese street food, aside from the hot sauce for stinky tofu (how come I don't see stinky tofu here?). no wonder it suits your taste buds. :)

    3. Wow, that sounds really bad, it would totally ruin my vacation thinking I traveled so far to only end up in the hospital. You got to go back, things have changed so much even since 2009~ I'm not a big stinky tofu fan and surprisingly I didnt see much either or I just ignored those stalls completely =P

      p.s. my spiciness tolerance has gone up after korea =P I think at least.

    4. My hospital experience wasn't too bad, just put me out of commission for about 3-4 days (out of a 10 days stay), I managed to recover after that.
      I just came across this two days ago, and in combination with your post, it's got me craving TW street food!
      I'm surprised Fresh/Hot Grass Jelly didn't make their list. That's the one thing I remember from Taiwan that I haven't found here. I also miss the Rice Milk (like Soy Milk, but grey/blackish) and sticky rice balls w/ mapo tofu + fried donut stick + meat floss inside. Haven't found a good one here in Toronto, they all make the sticky rice balls really cheaply. =/
      When do we get to see the Korea pics? I've never been!

    5. I was actually planning to post the Korea stuff after my Taiwan sweets post, but since u are requesting, I'll bump up the korea post and post the Taiwan sweets stuff after =) Check back on monday!